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    I am looking for some help in interpreting this record. I have found a service document relating to my great grandfather Walter Burslem serving in the RNVR from 1916-1918 this document has him listed as serving in Britain the whole entirety of the war but we happen to know from Letter that he wrote that he served also in the RNAS at some point and was deployed into Belgium. There is a note on his service record that says for information relating to land service see NP.2981/17 (S1117) but I cannot seem to find any other records relating to this. Is there any way of finding out when and where he served in Belgium.

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    I have done some searching but found nothing other than what you already have so the only suggestion I can make is that you contact The National Archives, tell them what you have told us and see if they have any suggestions. They advise contact by Live Chat at this time.
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    If I am looking at the right one: Walter I Burslem was awarded the Victory Medal and the British War Medal for service in Europe during WW1. Naval War Medals, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. Rank Tel. No. M.Z./2240

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    Thank you for your response. I have contacted the National Archives with an enquiry to see if they can provide any additional information.

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    This rung a bell about members of the RN/RNVR serving with the 63rd Royal Naval Division?
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