I am still on the hunt for the connection between Matthew Lock whom married Rememberance Boswell, and my direct forefather Richard Lock.

Long story but will try to explain this in as few of words as possible.

Y DNA and SNP testing evidence done on two male descendants of Matthew Lock, have proven to be a Y DNA and SNP match to the male descendants of Richard Lock & Mary of Colonial Virginia 1760's era.

Richard Lock, Mary Lock, Richard Lock Jr. signed a land deed lease in 1763 in Frederick County Virginia, so we know for certain my forefather Richard Lock was in Colonial Virginia in 1763.

The male descendants of Matthew Lock and Richard Lock share the same Y Haplogroup H-M82 which is South Asian in origin, and just as important here, both Lock trees share the same null value marker mutation, known as genetic marker DYS 425 = 0 null value. It is physically impossible for the male descendants of Matthew Lock and Richard Lock to not be related, impossible to not be related being the key term here!

So we have our smoking gun Y DNA and SNP evidence proving Matthew Lock and Richard Lock shared a common male ancestor, but whom exactly is that common male ancestor no one seems to know yet.

Richard Lock was easily 2 generations older then Matthew Lock, proving the Lock surname was in use prior to the birth of Matthew Lock, and it is possible Richard Lock is the grand father of Matthew Lock.

I say Richard Lock is at least 2 generations older, because in the 1763 land deed lease, it names Richard's son Richard Lock Jr. and in order to be named on a land deed in that time era, meant Richard Lock Jr. must have been at least age 21 or older to make Richard Jr. of age to be named on a land deed in Colonial Virginia.

In the biography of Rev. Jacob Lock, a Baptist Minister, the biography states that his father is Richard Lock of Virginia and that Jacob is one of 7 sons of Richard Lock, and that Richard Lock was of English parentage.

Because of what the biography has to say about Richard Lock, we presume Richard Lock to be our immigrant ancestor to Colonial Virginia 1760's era or earlier.

It has been reported in multiple sources that the Lock surname originated from the Boswell surname, and there must be some truth to that claim because three Boswell men have been Y DNA tested to date, and all 3 Boswell men are a Y DNA match to the Lock / Locke men in the UK and USA.

Contrary to what has been published in various sources, the Lock surname did not start with the birth of Matthew Lock, and I say that because my forefather Richard Lock was clearly using the Lock surname at least 2 generations before the birth of Matthew Lock.

To date there are 18 Lock / Locke men Y DNA tested in the UK and USA for the Locke Y DNA project, and all 18 men share the same Y chromosome, meaning yes they are all related to one another.

I am looking for any Lock / Locke descendants in the UK whom is willing to work with me in trying to figure out how Matthew Lock and Richard Lock are related. DNA already proves Matthew and Richard are related, it is just a matter of finding all the right paper records to link them together now.