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    The Death Record of Charles Nyberg aka Neuburger
    Charles Neuburger
    Death 6 Nov 1891 Manhattan NY
    Age 21
    b 1870 Germany
    Burial 8 November 1891
    Meyer Neuburger b Germany
    Rebecca b Australia

    Resident 8 years USA 2 most in USA and NY City
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    Default ERNEST NYBERG aka NEWBERGER 1867-1943

    This post provides data on Ernest Nyberg aka Newberger aka Neuberger son of Meier Nyberg and Rebecca Solomon.
    Death Record
    14 August 1943 Manhattan New York
    1253 N Nicholas Ave
    Age 70
    born 11 March 1872 England
    Salesman Chewing gum
    Cemetery Mt.Hope

    Father-Meyer b Germany
    Mother REBECCA SOLOMON b Australia
    Flora E Newberger

    Nb Currently I can't locate any GRO Birth Index record for Ernest using phonetic surname searches. The 1881 British Census 1881 which shows the family has Ernest born Germany.

    1940 USA Federal Census ( Copyright USA Federal Census Records)
    Manhattan New York District 23
    Ernest NEWBERGER H M 68 Salesman Chewing gum b England
    Viola wife 64 b Maryland
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following Death Records may refer to Meier Nyberg aka Neuberger aka Newburger and his wife Rebecca Solomon. The USA Federal Census record addresses suggest that these are the likely individuals:
    New York Deaths
    Rebecca NEWBURGER Death 6 July 1912 The Bronx NY Age 74 Marital Status unknown born 1838 father Solomon mother Rebecca.

    Nb Rebecca Solomon based on USA Census records was born in 1845 Australia however whoever gave the death details may not have been aware of full details at death.

    MEYER NEUBERGER Death Manhattan NY 9 April 1902 Address 6 E 97
    Salesman age 68 Married b 1834 Germany Burial 11 April 1902

    Nb The dob for Meier aka Meyer in one USA Census was 1840 but the informant may not have been aware of this data and no details are given of parent's names.

    I have speculated that Meier Nyberg who married Rebecca Solomon was a brother or close relative of Alfred Nyberg who married Alice Crawcour. Todate, without details of Meier Nyberg's parents ( they were Israel Nyberg and Elizabeth Goldsmith on Alfred's naturalisation record)the only association confirmed is that Alfred and Meier both came from Volkmarsen Hesse Cassel.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The Hobart Synagogue Archive records online provide an important source of data on Births, Marriages and deaths plus other relevant records relating to the Jews living in Tasmania.
    In #33 of this thread I posted data on Meier Nyberg and his marriage to Rebecca Solomon of Hobart Tasmania. Reference was made to her father Benjamin Henry Solomon deceased of Hobart and Rebecca being his 5th daughter.

    There is a marriage record for David Benjamin to Esther Solomon in 1840. Her father is recorded as Henry Solomon. The marriage record is dated 15 December 1840 at the House of Henry Solomon Elizabeth Street Hobart Town. The first name recorded for the father of Esther was not Henry. The name was deleted and Henry substituted. I can't read the original name clearly.
    David Benjamin full age Merchant
    Esther Solomon minor residing at with her parents. The Minister was Louis Nathan President for the time being of the Jewish Congregation - the witnesses names are not clear.

    In the marriage of Rebecca Solomon to Meier Nyberg she was described as the 5th daughter of Benjamin Henry Solomon deceased of Hobart Tasmania.

    Esther Solomon 1824-1879 appears in the Cemetery Scribes Records ID 11527 with her husband.
    David Benjamin is well documented and an obituary appears in the Jewish Chronicle Archives for his death in London in 1893.

    There is a burial record for Henry Solomon 31 March 1843 age 42 Hobart Jews Burial Ground Harrington Street
    and the death of a Benjamin Solomon age 41 30 March 1851.

    There is still no evidence that Alfred Nyberg and Meier Nyberg were associated and further research is required.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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