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    The following is a very brief outline of the children of David Crawcour c1791-1882 dentist:
    MORRIS CRAWCOUR c 1813-1898 married Ann Hardwick and possible first partner unknown- see BG Forum Post Jewish Roots started 01.08.2016. 2 daughters Amelia and Ann

    ISAAC CRAWCOUR 1815-1886 married Esther Cashmore see BG Forum Jewish Roots started 8.5.2017

    SAMUEL CRAWCOUR 1816-1858 married Leah Cashmore * He married the sister of Esther wife Of Isaac Crawcour

    AARON aka Charles Laurence 1818-1901 married Sarah Laurence nee Bushell see Aaron Crawcour =Sarah Ann Bushell -Laurence started 28.5.2010 BG Forum Jewish Roots; Samuel and Aaron Crawcour -Convicts started 19.6.2009

    NANCY CRAWCOUR 1820-1826

    ANN CRAWCOUR 1820-1826

    ANN REBECCA CRAWCOUR aka REBECCA 1821-1867 married Aaron Hart 1809-1887 my 3x great grandparents

    HENRY JOHN CRAWCOUR 1824-1904-married Rosa Isaacs

    Nb There are numbers of related BG Forum Jewish Roots threads on the related lines including Hart, Simmonds, Isaacs,Cashmore,Angel and others.
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    Please look on my 'sticky' message on this Forum regarding burial and marriage records online from the Australian Jewish Historical Society. These burials and marriages include NYBERG and CRAWCOUR plus associated lines.

    See Marriages- St Kilda Hebrew Congregation 1 January 1880 Alfred Nyberg-Alice Crawcour and Burials for Alfred Nyberg.

    There are 53 Crawcour burials up to 2019 and 29 Crawcour marriages indexed and listed.

    Nb There is an entry for a MEIER NYBERG marriage to REBECCA SOLOMON 12 August 1863 Melbourne Hebrew Congregation.

    I have looked on Ancestry.Co for data on this line but can't locate it. There is currently no data to confirm whether or not this Meier Nyberg is related to Alfred.

    In addition, the Avotaynu German Jewish surname list identifies NEUBERG as a last name.

    As previously posted on this thread the last name Nyberg is very likely to be Neuberg the German place name.
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    In the previous post I identified the Marriage of Meier Nyberg to Rebecca Solomon in 1863.
    The question was raised as to whether or not he was related to Alfred Nyberg born Volkmarsen Hesse Kassel.

    The Herald ( Melbourne) Monday 17 August 1863 recorded the marriage:
    On the 17 August at the Bourke Street Synagogue ..MEIER NYBERG importer late of Volkmarsen, Electorate Hesse Germany to Rebecca, fifth daughter of the late Benjamin Henry Solomon Esq of Hobart Town Tasmania

    Given the small population of Volkmarsen it appears possible that Alfred and Meier were related. Further research is required.
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    This post is a follow up to earlier data on MEIER NYBERG aka NEUBERGER aka NEWBURGER. The focus of the research is to confirm whether or not he is a brother or close relative of Alfred Nyberg who married Alice Crawcour.
    Both Meier and Alfred were living in Melbourne at the same time.

    Australian Records show:
    England United Grand Lodge of England Freemason Membership
    MEIER NYBERG 27 b abt 1834 Initiation 8 April 1861 Commercial Traveller Lodge Felix Australia Melbourne

    The City Directory of Melbourne
    MEIER NYBERG 6 Victoria Buildings Queen Street Melbourne 1867

    Alfred Nyberg 1867
    Boot and Shoe Warehouse 146 King Street Melbourne

    Victoria Birth Index

    HENRY ISRAEL NYBERG b 1866 Melbourne Victoria

    ANN NYBERG b abt 1864
    Both children's parents Meier Nyberg and Rebecca Solomon

    UK and USA Census Records confirm that the Meier and Rebecca Nyberg family left Australia and settled first in London then later in the USA.

    Nb Ancestry.Co public family trees and Census Records have name changes for the family- Nyberg became NEUBERGER in the 1881 British Census and 1901 USA Census. However, transcription errors have recorded the same as NEWBERGER in the 1901 USA Census and NEWBURGER in at least one Burial Record.

    I will post on the various records.

    Importantly, there maybe a confirmation that Meier and Alfred are related because in his Victoria Naturalisation record Alfred named his father as Israel and this appears as a middle name for Henry Israel Nyberg the son of Meier. The Ashkenazi naming tradition usually names a son after the death of their grandfather. Henry and Israel may well be an indicator of this.
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    The following post provides further data on Meier Nyberg/Neuberger/Newberger married to Rebecca Solomon and their children. The majority of data on the lines is from the USA where they settled having moved from Australia to the UK and then USA.

    Victoria Australia Naturalisation Index
    age 27 Merchant, Melbourne b Hesse Cassel
    Date of Certificate 9.4.1861

    Victoria Australia Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists
    Meier Nyberger 24 Saddler Foreigner Destination Melbourne Departure London arrival Port Phillip Bay Australia on the " Gomelza" 12.11.1857

    1881 British Census (Copyright TNA) RG11 40 98 10
    90 Lad?Road Kensington London

    MEIR NEUBERGER H M 47 Commercial Traveller b Germany
    Rebecca wife 37 b Australia Tasmania
    Annie dau 16 b Victoria Australia
    Henry son 15 b Victoria Australia
    Louisa dau 13 b Middlesex
    Florence dau 12 b Germany
    Charles son 11 b Germany
    Ernest son 10 b Germany
    Willie son 8 b Germany
    +1 boarder

    I will post on the USA records including census, marriages and deaths.

    It is clear from the various records that the surname varied significantly between Australia, UK and USA.
    This helps explain why Ancestry.Co public family trees have not identified the family lines fully.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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