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    Default GRAYLAND, Richard George b c1852 - Military

    This man enlisted as George MARTIN, so is "mis-filed" in W360 ("WW1 Service Records" - although he was too old to have served in WW1).

    Richard George GRAYLAND joined the ASC on 26 April 1876, declaring the false name, age 22, born Maidstone, Kent.
    If Maidstone is his true birthplace, he was registered in 1852.
    He served his full 12 year term, until 1888. Regimental number not legible.

    Mother: Harriet GRAYLAND (Maidstone).
    Wife: Elizabeth. (If I have the correct marriage, she was Elizabeth BUCK, married Q4 1882 Farnham.)

    Anc****y, MAR, pages 152703 - 152707

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    GRO Index. Grayland, Richard George. Jun Q 1852 Madstone. Mmn MARTIN
    In 1861 he is with his parents, George and Harriet living in Maidstone
    Strangely a George and Harriet Grayland had a son Joseph Richard baptised in Maidstone on 1 August 1852.(Family Search)
    It looks as if RGG may have died in 1915.


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