I am Donald Locke, Admin. of the Locke DNA project which includes the older Lock spelling.
To date there are just over 100 male Y DNA participants in the project, representing around 30 unrelated male lineages of the Lock and Locke surname.

The vast majority of those of the Lock / Locke surname, appears to all have originated in the UK.
I started this Y DNA project back in 2005 and a lot has been learned since that time and some amazing Y DNA connections has been made, which lead to paper trail connections that were previously unknown about until the use of Y DNA and SNP testing evidence.

No Lock / Locke family tree can ever truly be complete until each and every branch of our trees has been located, researched and connected in to our family trees. Y DNA and SNP DNA testing does not replace the need for the paper trail research, but when we combine the paper trail research with Y DNA testing, some very interesting things can be discovered, connections you may not have discovered using only the paper records as your evidence.

Y DNA connections have already been made between Lock / Locke men of the UK to distantly related male cousins in Australia and the USA. The Locke DNA project is a global project open to all men of the Lock and Locke surname. The project uses the Family Tree DNA company out of Texas USA and this company has the largest Lock / Locke Y DNA database in the world.

I highly encourage all men of the Lock / Locke surname to consider joining us in the Locke DNA project.

If you are actively researching any Lock / Locke lineage, you are also invited to join us on the
Lock / Locke Genealogy & DNA facebook page which is where we openly help one another research and document our family trees and openly discuss our Y DNA results and help explain what your results means in the bigger picture. The facebook page currently has 631 members!

Using your favorite search engine, you can type in Locke DNA project to find the project web link.