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    Default Download From Ancestry - Army Service Papers

    I want to download some WWI Army service papers for a relative, there are about 20 pages. It seems I have to download each of them in turn, is it not possible to download all of them in one go ?

    Also, they automatically save as a JPG, is it possible to save as a PDF which will take up much less space

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    The answer to both questions is, as far as I know, no.

    I think, that all major genealogy sites are like that.

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    I agree with Megan that there is no way to download all the images in one go, however your query about PDF rather than JPG had me searching for a conversion method and Adobe has a free conversion from JPG to PDF which literally only did take seconds to do. Each image has to be done individually but it is so easy. Just search for Adobe JPG to PDF free.
    Hope this helps
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    You can download and save as a PDF or JPEG but you have to do each page. You can save to wherever you want on your computer too.

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    Some photo/imaging software can convert multiple JPEG files to a single PDF. I've just tried it in the ones I use most - FastStone Image Viewer and IrfanView.

    In each case there's a menu item for this, and PDF is one of the output options. You might need to try different sizing and quality settings to get the result you want, but it was very quick and easy to do. Creating this new PDF file doesn't change or delete the existing images, so you can experiment as much as you want.

    Both the above programs are free, and easily found by search engines. In IrfanView converting to PDF requires a plug-in (also free), and once you've installed it the conversion option simply appears in the menus like the basic commands. It's easiest to install the complete plug-ins package rather than trying to get one or two individually.


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