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    Thankyou so much for your help. Mary said she was from Ewenny on the census so looks like the correct marriage

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    Hadn't seen the '61 Census - was going by the '51 Census as PoB of Mary Fruman/Munun (Baglan). Had you noticed the next door neighbour to "Edward, "Annuitant" " and Mary in the '51 Census is the same next door neighbour to Mary, "Annuitant" in '61 - Thomas Mordecai. Do you still dismiss the '51 Census entry as "your" Edward and Mary?
    I did find Mary's PoB in '51 odd after finding the 1803 marriage of William Flew and Mary Thomas. If this was the Mary that married Edward it appeared she had moved from Baglan, married in the Vale of Glamorgan and was now marrying a second time in that area to a Baglan man - a very odd coincidence.

    So, very glad to see the '61 Census.

    Pob lwc/good luck with your search. Chasing this info. has brought back a lot of memories - particularly one in St. Mary Hill.
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    Hadn’t noticed that. Once again thankyou so much for your help very much appreciated. Michala

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    Was just looking through my tree because I have a mordecai and it’s Edwards son yerbery s wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by helachau View Post
    FMP has the baptism (image/transcript) 0

    Edward Manden, bap 20 April 1776, place Baglan, parents John and Mary. Looking at the original could well read Munden. The Edward Thomas Munden, bap 28 Jan 1772 had parents John and Mary.
    FMP Marriage (transcript only)
    John Munden of the Parish of Neath married Mary Thomas of the Parish of Penlline on 31 Nov 1770 at Penllyn.
    Under the heading "Notes" the transcript reads "Personal details in the Register".
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    This is who I thought was Edwards parents, weird how they both married a Mary maiden name thomas.

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