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    Default The end of a chapter

    I dived into ancestry research headfirst in about April, and have really enjoyed it.

    My mum and aunt never knew about their father's side of the family as he wouldn't talk of them. So part of that mission has been to build a story.

    Today I feel a bit of a sense of closure in one story.

    My great grandfather I traced him from birth, spent ages down the wrong avenue as I was a newbie and trusted's suggested info (lesson learnt!). I've chased him around from address to address - boy did he move a lot. (A bit like me, I wonder if I get that from him.)

    And then after 1939 I had no detail. And I finally found what I thought was his death record, and bought the cert on a punt... and today it came through it was him.

    Seeing his name staring back at me. And knowing where he ended up, it feels like closure.

    I feel a little sad. I've followed him around and now it feels like the end.

    I know its not really the end, so much other research to do... and no info from 1939 to 1966 on him (and possibly never will).

    But I just wanted to share! It feels like a big chapter in an interesting journey. He's probably be the stand out one for me as I've been able with perseverance to piece it together bit by bit.

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    This is a lovely story and now knowing where and when he died must give you a sense of closure. I can understand if you also feel a little bereft after spending so much time searching but now you can pick up on one of your other difficult ancestors without the niggle in the back of your mind that you need to get your great grandfather sorted.
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    Thinking about it, your story is similar to mine. Even his surviving child (my aunt) knew very little about her father/my grandfather's life apart from where he was born and that he had a sister. I found out a whole lot about his father and his other siblings, the one thing missing being the death of his father/my great grandfather. Thanks to a wonderful forum member he was eventually found, buried in Canada. The icing on the cake being that he has a small headstone, and there's a photo of it on Find-a-grave.

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