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    A possible breakthrough? I'll leave you to decide Antony.

    CATT, EMILY, Mother's maiden name BEVIS
    GRO Reference: 1874 M Quarter in HOLBORN Volume 01B Page 692

    GRO Reference: 1876 J Quarter in HOLBORN Volume 01B Page 732

    GRO Reference: 1870 M Quarter in ANDOVER Volume 02C Page 236

    1871, Andover, Hampshire, RG10; Piece: 1243; Folio: 75; Page: 17;
    Catherine Catts 26, soldiers widow
    George Catts 2, Andover
    Agnes Catts 1, Andover
    Living nextdoor is a Bevis family.

    There's a possible marriage at Parish Church St Mary Islington, 24th Oct 1867
    Mark Cates, full age, bachelor, soldier, father Charles Cates gamekeeper
    Catherine Bevis, full age, father George Bevis poultry dealer

    A baptism.
    Name: Agnes Catts, 17 Mar 1870, Andover, Hampshire
    Father: Mark Catts, Mother: Caroline [sic]
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    Following on from Almach's post, I came across someone in an earlier search - and although I can't remember for the life of me why I was looking at her, her name stuck with me - Kitty Catt.

    1901 at 10 Devonshire Place, Childs Hill, Hendon, boarding with the Housman family
    Kitty Catt 26 Single Laundress b Willesden
    Albert E 2m Son b Childs Hill

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    Apologies for not replying. I somehow completely missed these last two responses.

    I don't see any connection with those, but thanks for the info. Emily's father is William, and she was Bevis when married then Williams until her death.

    You mention Hampshire, and there was some leads there that had some potential.

    At the moment the strongest lead for me is what jomot1 dug up. A William Beavis (not concerned by the spelling difference as it seems to shift between Bevis, Beavis and Beevis at will). Same occupation. And started working in Islington two years before her birth. It's an assumption, but that may be him.

    If the birth wasn't registered then I'll never know her mother, and the father will just be an assumption.

    The Clarence middle name remains a mystery, no sign of that though on a William.

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