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    Hi Amanda,

    I see from online trees that Julia Jones/Unwin changed her given names to Dora May, have you any idea when and why?

    It seems an odd thing to do, especially as her mother's name was also Julia, unless she had reason to be upset with her mum and wanted to erase the memory? I mention it as I wonder if her mum was still alive when the Unwins' started to care for Julia.

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    I think that would have happened in childhood, and I am not sure why. If my Nan was a baby,she would not have responded to her name, so it'd be easy enough to change. Perhaps the Unwins simply disliked the name. I had my Nan until I was 53,a long time, and never ever heard her called by the name of Julia, not even by her 'sisters' or 'brother'.

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