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    Default Ancestry - removing DNA matches below 8 cM

    Ancestry have announced they are raising the threshold of DNA matches to 8 cM - it is currently 6 cM.
    From early August, you will no longer see your current matches below 8 cM, and will no longer receive new matches below this threshold.
    You can take steps to keep some of your existing matches, by adding them to groups, or adding a note to them.
    This article gives some estimates on how many matches you will lose, and how to keep them. https://www.
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    I just wish that Ancestry would fix the site,one problem after another. The only response they give is to delete cache and empty browser!

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    I was disappointed to find that Ancestry are doing this. Much as some people insist that 6 cM matches are pointless and irrelevant, I have managed to find a small number of distant cousins at this level who fit into various lines of my paper family tree. It is quite amazing to be able to connect to ancestors who were born as far back as 1730 and who would have inherited that particular 6 CM length of DNA from a parent who was born in the early 1700's or even just before.

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    I am also disappointed with their decision. We have just had a match on the Mitchell line that looks promising - it doesn't stem back to the same person as all the other matches and feel the match probably goes back to a Sibling of my own ancestor as ours is on the 1841 born out of county, the 6cM match goes back to County Fife which gives me somewhere likely to look for the first time!

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    In his latest newspaper, Peter Calver of Lost Cousins explains why Ancestry made the decision.
    Keep reading after that article because there are three more which all involve DNA im solving puzzles.

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