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    Default Seeking burial information UK Army 1924

    Looking for direction in where to locate information on ancestor who served as a hussar in Egypt 1922-1924. I can locate death information, but I am seeking to find his final resting place (Egypt)and no records from Military cover that year.
    All find that grave websites are not helping. Army records only focus on war time (not interwar period)

    Any ideas?

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums
    If you came to us from Forces War Records this will explain our connection.
    Service rcords from 1921 onwards are still held by the MoD but can be applied for. This 'sticky' explains whay you need and what information is available.
    Findmypast is a pay per view site which has the British Armed Forces And Overseas Deaths And Burials records. Is this where you found his death record? The description does say Burials but whether that is included on the death certificate I do not know. Findmypast says "Findmypast brings together an extensive collection of death and burial records from The National Archives and the General Register Office. Among the records, you will find members of the British armed forces who died while serving their country overseas, British civilians who died while travelling or working overseas, and individuals, including seamen, who died at sea."
    Others who have some experience in this area may be more helpful.
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    If you know whereabouts in the UK his family (wife or parents as applicable) lived, check out local papers for their area via either the British Newspaper Archive or Findmypast. FMP has all that the BNA has except the latest updates.
    If there are no local papers on the BNA, then once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in the UK and libraries are back at work send the local one an email asking if they have local papers. Nowadays there's usually a charge for look-ups, but (provided you have the date of death so they only have to search a few papers) and you explain nicely that you live in Oz so can't visit to look personally, they might search for free.

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    I can locate death information
    I'm not clear what that means. Does that mean that you know where to obtain it but haven't done so?

    I would imagine that you would need to know at least which garrison he was in.

    Generally speaking, stating the man's name improves responses. There's also a chance that someone may have access to sources that others may not know about.


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