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    Default Looking for info: Samuel McCartney 75th Reg


    I wonder if anyone can help me with information on Samuel McCartney. He married in South Africa in 1874, and his marriage certificate says "Private 75 Regt". The following year his daughter was born in Ireland. His wife remarried in 1880 (back in South Africa), so I assume he died between 1875 and 1880.

    I did a search on Force War Records, and find 5 records that I assume to be him - service number 343, 75th Regiment of Foot, records between 1861 and 1876. What sort of information is likely to be in these records? Would I find them on Ancestry or Find my Past? He isn't directly related to me, and it's more of a curiosity as I'm related to his wife's family line, so I'm loathed to pay for membership unless it will furnish the information I'm after. I'd hope to work out when and where he was born, where and when he died, and whether he had any other children between the birth of his daughter in 1875 and his death.

    I don't have any experience with military records, so any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hello Nikki

    I don't subscribe to any sites and am not an expert on military records.
    However doing a free search on FMP's military records and putting in soldier number 343 as a filter brings up 3 records. On the index for his service record it states dob 1840. Date 1858 - probably when he joined up - location Newtownards Co Down. You would need to see the full record for details, and that could confirm whether he is your man.

    I think FMP may have a pay as you go option.

    Searching FMP's database of armed services deaths gives one in 1880, dob 1841, in Aldershot which is still has a military presence today. There is a corresponding civil death record in Farnham registration district. You can obtain this death cert from the GRO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grisel View Post
    However doing a free search on FMP's military records and putting in soldier number 343 as a filter brings up 3 records.
    Thanks so much for the helpful (and quick!) reply. I generally use the library for FMP and Ancestry - right now Covid-19 is making that more complicated. I tried Ancestry using "75th Regiment" as a key word with no luck. I'll see if our library's "at home access" to FMP is working properly and give that a go.

    Really appreciate the advice.



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