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    Im trying to trace a Ronald Markham who was serving in Sierra Leone 1940/1941, possibly having sailed from UK on HMT/HMHS Neuralia around Christmas time 1940. Do passenger lists exist for such voyages & where might they be kept? He may have been attached to a field hospital 34 British General Hospital or 51 British General Hospital? Would there be any records of British Forces personnel who served in Sierra Leone? Does anyone have any pointers they can share please? Many thanks.

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    Have you obtained a copy of his serice records yet? They may answer most of your questions. Was he actually with RAMC?

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    If you don't have any personal details of this man it is going to be difficult to sort him out from the crowd.
    Do you have his date of birth? I searched 1910 +/- 10 years and there are 16 results including those with a middle name.
    A Ronald Sydney markham has a UK, WWII Royal Artillery Tracer Cards, 1939-1948 on which gives his unit as CDES and his regiment as The Royal Artillery. Service number 1793603. No this can't be your bloke because he didn't enlist until 10 April 1941. At least now you can discount him
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