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    Default known service number but no records???

    i am researching my family tree but have hit a blank on the maternal side, i have my granddads name, date of birth and Army service number, i know he was in the Seaforth Highlanders but can find no records?????
    maybe i am looking in the wring place but any help would be appreciated
    i also know the year of his death and his siblings and parents names

    Kind regards


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    Hi Debs, welcome to the British Genealogy Forum.

    Depending on which War you are talking about, there are different possible explanations:
    WW1: about 60% of WW1 service records were destroyed in the fires of WW2. Depending on the circumstances there are still some sources (eg medal index cards, War Graves, POW records, etc.
    WW2: The MOD has not yet released service records. See HERE. Again, there are additional sources, depending on the circumstances.

    Our members can help, if they have information to work with.

    If you are planning more family research, away from the Wars, we can help. If you are new to these forums, you may find THIS message helpful.


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