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    Default Can anyone help please.

    Morning, I trust everyone is safe and well.

    I am currently doing research for my 95 year old grandfather, who will be 96 in August.

    Ronald served in the army having joined in the spring of 1943 - he would have been demobbed in the summer of 1947- but he signed on again in 1956 - 59 and there is a record of there is a record of him still in during 1962-65. He served with the Royal Signals. During his time he received a Mention In Dispatches in November 1945. I have found a clipping of this from the London Gazette, which only gives you his name, number and date. I was wondering if there is anyway to find more details on this.

    He was also issued a letter from the King for a particular reason, but as he is getting on he is losing some of his memory, which is to be expected. He calls himself a silly old fool. This letter used to be framed in the house but they can no longer remember where this has gone. I am wondering if there is any way of getting details for this.

    I currently have an Ancestry Sub and also a My Heritage sub, I must admit the My Heritage is not that good.

    I know I can go through the MOD as he is still alive, but that seems like a long process and with the current situation, will probably be even longer. So, I have turned to the delightful people on this site who may maybe able to help.

    His details are: L/Cpl Ronald K Suttle (Ron)
    Born 1924
    Royal Signals

    I really hope someone can help as I've pretty much exhausted all routes so far.

    I have my Grandfathers consent to ask this.

    Karl Lawrence
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    The MoD is the only route. I suggest you get weaving ASAP.

    I googled british army service records ww2 and, ignoring adverts, this was top of the list -

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    Since he is still alive, it is worth applying for his records now, as long as he signs the papers. Apart from the fact that he's entitled to a free copy of his own records, it might get him a bit of priority... As long as he signs the applications, you could always add a covering note saying that you are helping him with the application because of his age. See HERE

    It might be worth contacting the Royal Signals Association HERE.. Their website looks very active.

    Good luck!


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