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    Post Looking for Alice & Thomas Abbot/tt

    Alice and Thomas Abbott disappeared after the birth of their third child Thomas born 3 February 1829 in Heptonstall W Yorkshire. None of the family appear in the 1841 census but Thomas appears in the 1851 census living with a Blakey and Betty Hartley in Colne Lancashire.
    I would appreciate any help in finding their whereabouts after 1829

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    Are you sure you don't mean Alice and Joseph Abbott as per your thread from 2013?

    We do not allow duplicate threads regarding the same people because it causes confusion and often results in people wasting time searching for information which has already been found.

    Therefore I'm going to transfer your post to your original thread, with a warning to people not to undertake further research until you have replied in that thread confirming the correct name.
    I will close this thread but leave it in existence for the time being, just in case it's necessary to re-open it.

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