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Im just throwing anything out there that i find that might be worth checking out.

Familysearch has this. The actual copy states Bridget as a spinster tho so maybe not the right one but could be worth checking out all the same. On the off chance Bridget did not die this marriage could be worth looking at??

Name: William Willey
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 21 Apr 1808
Event Place: Worstead, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Event Place (Original): Worstead, Norfolk, England
Gender: Male
Spouse's Name: Bredget Leather
Spouse's Gender: Female
Record Number: 256
Maybe not the right Bridget, i had been wondering since Bridget had been spelt wrong that maybe the surname of Leather was wrong also, thought they might have left the C of the beginning. Since their was a Leather family makes this marriage even more chance of been wrong.
Will wait until poster replies before doing anymore.