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    Default Finding my biological dad

    Is it possible to find someone via their national insurance number only because that's the only thing I have on my dad which can possibly help me every other way have all hit a brick wall and there's no other way I can possibly think of.

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    First of all, welcome to the British Genealogy Forum.
    However, the first thing that I have to ask is whether he is (possibly) still alive? Our TOC do not allow the posting of details about (potentially) living people on the open forum. They can be exchanged via our private messaging system.

    Someone else maybe able to give you a link to try for insurance numbers, but I want to suggest that you take the question to the family finding section of the Salvation Army. Other members have had a lot of help and success from them, largely (I think) because they have access to databases and other sources not available to the rest of us.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Libertykaye1

    I remember when I was a Club Secretary,you could use a national Insurance No to find out details about an employee, that was ten or more years ago now, but the .Gov site should be able to help you.



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