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    Default Timothy MARSDEN b c1879 Lancs - WW1

    In the WW1 Service Records (WO 363) this man's details are confused with (and even written on the same pages as) a FRED Marsden, also from Lancashire. I wonder whether "Timothy" was such an unusual name that he was known as/preferred "Fred"?

    The real Fred was born c1890, unmarried, mother Mary Ann, home Gt Harwood.
    I think I have untangled Timothy:

    Joined (possibly E Lancs, Labour or Manchesters) at Gt Harwood, 16 Feb 1916, declared age 36y 1m. Regt No: 205499.
    Married MARGARET JANE EMBLEY at St James' Church, Clitheroe on 19 Nov 1904.
    Home address: 20 Wilkin St, Clitheroe.
    Children: Mary Ellen 1905, Stephen 1907, Jane 1909, Alice 1911, Minnie 1913.
    Possibly survived WW1, but the dates 10Dec1915-1919 are for Fred.

    Anc****y, MAR, pages 122031, (122052 repeat) & 122055

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    British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920
    Attestation 5 October 1914 at Clitheroe
    Service number K20719 King's Liverpool Regiment
    Age 28 a Weaver
    Discharged 1904 from the East Lancashire Regiment

    Gives the names of his wife and children, all born Clitheroe.
    He was discharged medically unfit on the 30 Oct 1914

    Death registration
    Timothy Marsden
    Death Age 81
    Birth about 1876
    Death Registration Date: Dec 1/4 1957
    Registration district: Clitheroe, Lancashire
    Vol 10c Page 64

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