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    Default 3rd Foot East Kent Regiment - The Buffs

    I am struggling to find any information about the participants in a wedding ceremony held in Carrick on Suir, 12 Sept 1848, Fanny Morton and John Williams of the "3Inft"

    The suffix 3 Inft appears after the grooms profession as a soldier. I have been advised the 3rd info refers to the 3rd Foot, East Kent Reg't- The Buffs who were in Ireland at this time.
    I am trying to establish where Fanny Morton lived and where John Williams was born. Fanny Mortons father is named as Edward Morton, Gate Keeper or Wood ranger John Williams Father as William Williams, Farmer.

    If anyone can shed any light on the British Army presence in Tipperary,records if they exist in the county, I would appreciate it.

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    This is The National Archives research guide to the army.
    I haven't Followed it through so don't know if an of it is relevant to the period you are looking at.
    Sorry have to leave it for now
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    There won't be any records in Tipperary, if that's what you're wondering!

    For starters, have a look at the 1851 worldwide army index or whatever it's called (available on Findmypast). This is a transcription of the muster records (TNA series WO12) for the first quarter of 1851 to supplement the census. There's a John Williams regimental number 2055 listed in the Buffs. That may or may not be some help.

    If he was discharged to pension (was he?), you may stand a chance of finding his service record in TNA series WO97 (try Findmypast). If he wasn't discharged to pension - for example if he died in service - you may not stand much chance.

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