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    Question How to search for birth parents?

    Hi! I've reached a deadlock because one of my ancestors was adopted. Are there any helpful articles/blogs on how to deal with such issues? I've found few articles with general advice like this https:// Or maybe you've faced this problem and have valuable experience to share? Any kind of help will be appreciated!
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    In which country was your ancestor adopted, and approximately when?
    In England and Wales official adoption with records didn't begin until 1927. Even now, general access to adoption records is not permitted.

    Have you tried using a search engine, using words similar to 'adoption records in (country/state)'?

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    My great-grandfather was adopted in England, probably in 1911. So there's no chance to find anything?

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    What does his birth certificate say? How old was he in 1911?
    Back before formal adoptions, there were several ways it could happen. In the case of an unmarried mother, the Church might be involved. Widowers (or families with financial troubles) often passed children to a relative.

    How do you know he was adopted?

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