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Oh Mitch you are making my head spin just telling us about the relationships between your natural and adoptive mother but well done you for sticking with it.
I am trying to find the father of my great grandfather but I get so muddled I stop from a lack of concentration and frustration. His mother had 4 children to different father's and wouldn't you know it my great grandfather is the eldest and the only one who hasn't any clues to his paternity.

My Adoptive Mothers Paternal GreatGrandFather was a HALES(b 1845). Mum had DNA matches to his Mother(b 1816) but NONE to his HALES Father(b 1800) (- who appears to have abandoned the family) - we knew a number of the siblings had different Fathers but we don't even have a birth certificate for ours. Having identified this DNA conundrum led me to a large number of DNA matches that I hadn't been able to place - including a bloke(b 1816) Widowed the year before Mums ancestor was born whose descendant are DNA matches - hence I have a high level of confidence in what I'm finding is right - but it has taken a lot of complex arranging to sort with an awful lot more to do! DNA is amazing - stick at it!