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    Default John Anderson, DOD 28 Dec 1868 in Whitehaven

    John died at 2 Wellington Row, Whitehaven of TB aged 41. He was a mariner, present at his death was William Cockrane from 7 Wellinton Row. I am happy to post his death certificate, free of charge, to anyone with a connection

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    Hi, I have been looking for a John Anderson, born in the 1820s who married Ellen Lockhart, probably in Carrickfergus in 1844 or 1845. Their first son, William John was born in 1845. John was born in Edinburgh but I have no proof. Just a long shot there might be a connection, thanks Tony

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    Tony, the 1851 census shows one William Anderson born to a John & Ellen Anderson in the UK 1844-1846. The problem is that he was born in Ireland... Do you have the names of your William's siblings?

    There is also a William J Anderson born to John and Helen (a common variant) abt 1846, also Ireland. Resident in Lanarkshire in 1851.

    This is the easiest way to locate the family. The name is not rare!

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    Hi Lesley

    Thank you. From Ellen's will in 1900 I know at least the surviving siblings - William John (1845)(married Ellen Hunter); Margaret (1846)(married James Brennan), Matilda (1847); Samuel (1851), Robert (1853), David (1858)(married Martha Lockhart Doherty) and Agnes Kennedy (1866)(married Thomas Richardson)

    John could have been born in Edinburgh but married and lived in Ireland - Carrickfergus and then Belfast. He was alive in 1892 for Agnes's wedding but dead by 1900 when Ellen died a widow aged 77

    The siblings were all born in Ireland

    Thank you

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    Hi Tony, unfortunately John Anderson's are two a penny My aunt, after a few false trails, finally found 'our' John Anderson, hence the spare certificate. However unless I have mis-understood your posts, 'your' John Anderson was still alive in 1892. This John Anderson died in Cumbria in 1868, 24 years earlier.

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    You are right Chrissy - thank you

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    Hope you find him


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