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    Default What have I got? Latter Day Saints micro film

    Hi, I joined a couple of days ago and got some wonderful help and support on here. I am currently putting my late aunt's, much researched, family tree on line. Before I went any further I decided today to investigate every last box and I sure got a surprise.

    I seem to have hundreds of geanealogical records on some some sort of micro film, some labeled by my aunt, most not, goodness knows where she acquired them. I guess I am sitting on a genealogists gold mine. Just interested in members thoughts on this.

    What do people think I should do with them? Also does anyone know what I need to view them


    Thanks Chris

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    What you appear to have is micro FICHE as opposed to film which would be on a continuous strip on a reel.

    To view either you need a specialist reader for each. They may well available at your local library.

    They look to been originally sourced from the Mormon Church (Family Search), and these records are probably now all available on line.

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    They're called microfiche, and on each one you've probably got about 80-100 images. Usually they're from parish registers/Bishops Transcripts/Archdeacon's Transcripts. BTs and ATs are supposed to be copies of entries in the PRs, but there can often be variations due to human error in writing the entries up. e.g. baptism in PR will say John, son of William and Mary; BT will say John son of John and Mary.

    To view them you need a microfiche reader. I don't think they're still manufactured, but if you advertise that you want one, someone (locally, because they're the size of the old computer monitors) might still have one in their loft that that would give/sell for a fiver.
    Alternatively, a local LDS FHC might still have one which they would let you use for viewing.
    However, I suspect that most of what you have is now available for viewing on the internet. Tell us a few more of the headings, e.g. the bit where is says Yorkshire, Surname, Rose, Benjamin on the sample shown, and we'll be able to give you a better idea.

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    Thanks ladies, I have Googled the machine, I remember my aunt having one in her spare room, as you said very inexpensive to buy second hand, however I don't have the room for one and yes, I am sure there is one in my local library

    It would be a shame to dispose of them. I wonder if there is some ancestry group somewhere that could make use of them eventually. I realise now when I was asking about Margaret Routlah the other day, I possibly had the information all the time

    I have had a further look and there is not just the Latter Day Saint's ones, which include Berkshire and parts of Wales, along with many others. Amongst the others I have are Oxford Militia Ballot, the Newcastle Courant, Oxford Family History Society Woodstock 1871 Census and monument inscriptions Northumberland. It appears to be quite a diverse collection .

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    It looks like it might be the IGI - the International Genealogical Index - the forerunner, as Pam says, of what’s now Family Search. Does it look like tables of names and places, or pages of certificates?

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    Hi Lesley from what I have seen they look like pages

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    It is very difficult to be precise about what microfiche you have, the second image is one fiche of the 1992 version of the LDS IGI. The IGI is available online.
    Other fiche seem to contain baptisms, burials and marriages from some individual Oxfordshire parishes (These could be either family history society transcripts or filmed pages from parish registers). The title strip at the top of the fiche should give more detail (the red or clear strip with black writing on the fiche displayed on first picture).
    There is also a Militia list 1831 (names of men picked by ballot to serve in the local Militia).
    Members Interests fiche (A fiche of members surname interests of the named FHS).
    Durham Marriage index, an index (i.e not parish register images) of those who married in Durham between 1813 & 1837.
    I think I can also see a Durham burials fiche in there as well but most seem to be the 1992 IGI.
    Hope this helps
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    Thanks Guy


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