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    Default Formerly Rootsweb mailing lists closing

    If you are someone who sometimes uses the old Rootsweb lists, please note that they’re closing as from 1stMarch, according to messages on the Angus list. Apparently, existing posts will still be reachable, but who knows how long for?

    Many of the Listowners seem to be transferring their lists to another system, but you’ll have to make a new account. - it’ll all function as new lists rather than a transfer. Info on the lists.

    That’s all I know, folks. I just dropped by the Angus group to contact somebody.

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    A member of the Dyfedd Rootsweb list has set up an alternative list which is independent of Rootsweb. According to the administrator of the Dyfedd Rootsweb list, Rootsweb simply suggest that people switch to using Ancestry's message boards!!!

    I have also been a member of the Gywnedd and Powys lists, but they have historically been less active.

    So whilst obviously British Genealogy is the finest forum I have also found that there are various "specialist" Facebook groups such as Gywnedd FHS, which can offer additional insights.

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    I have tried the Ancestry version, but it's clunky...

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    The person who runs the Derbysgen list and others is using https://groups dot io/groups for the active groups he is admin for.

    I'm still undecided whether to join or not, this forum has enough expertise for me 😁

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    I think quite a lot of the Rootsweb lists are moving over to
    I will probably join my two for old time's sake although I find the lists haven't been very active in recent years and I reply to probably about three posts a year.

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