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    Default You were right!

    You were right. Bertha is the mother of Francis Rixon. I have the birth certificate. The bad father's name I assume there is no way what so ever of finding out who the father was. I have one surviving cousin who, as a child, new Francis before his demise but I doubt he will have any knowledge as to his parentage.I will speak to him.

    As to my research, well I will continue down Bertha Rixon's path and see where that takes me.

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    Thanks for letting us know Paul.

    The only sure way to identify a father, even if one is named on a birth certificate, would be through DNA!

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    I would say have DNA done.

    A lady in australa had hers done contacted a cousin of mine who had her's done she put her intouch with me Turns out her Grand Mother and my Grand Mother where sisters. No one in the Family knew about this child. Grandmothers sister went into service in London, got pregnant gave the son away he was sent out to Aus mother married went off to live in Canada.

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