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    Default Corporal Frank Ernest Carter

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for anyone that could assist me in my search for info about my Great Grandad.
    We have a few photos of him during his time in the RAF but little information.

    What we know is:
    Name: Frank Ernest Carter
    Rank: Corporal
    DOB: Sept 1907
    DOD: ~ Feb 1993
    Place of Birth: Brixton

    He lived around Brixton for most of his life, and we know that during the war he worked closely with American and Canadian soldiers.

    At one point he was stationed in Altona, Hamburg (1945) - This is where he is in the photo of him welding.

    We also have a photo of him stood next to a B24 Liberator called "Peg the Pig" some time after it crashed. We know the plane crashed in Jan 1945 in Vasperviller, France - and was salvaged by 5 SAD in Feb '45, which would place him there around the same time.

    If anyone could help with any info, or pick something out from the photos that I may have missed, it would be much appreciated.

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    Hello, and welcome to British-Genealogy. ;smile5:

    Service records for personnel who served after 1921 (so this obviously includes WW2) are still held by the Ministry of Defence. Details of how to apply for the records can be found in this link.
    In addition to the completed forms, you will need to send thirty quid, and a photocopy of Frank's death certificate. If the original has been lost, just yell and we can tell you how to obtain a copy of the death certificate.
    There is likely to be a wait of two to three months for you to receive the records.

    Do you want to know more about this parents, grandparents, etc?

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