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    Hi Peter
    Many thanks.
    Will do.

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    Starting to feel at home
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    My first though when I saw the picture was Home Guard.
    What was the occupation of the person you found in Guildford?
    My father was HG in Guildford and I have some pictures.
    Stripes or no stripes could be misleading as other photos are taken at different times, there are some people on these who have a resemblance. I haven't indicated them because I don't want to influence your thoughts.
    The arrow on the large group photo is my father.
    If you double click the photos you should get a full view.

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    Hi, your time to read my post and provide feedback is appreciated. Home Guard had also crossed my mind, as possibly serving inter wars / WWII. The 1939 register has his occupation as 'Insurance Clerk'. The address is The Gables (north Guildford) - looks like redeveloped into new houses now (?. I'm not sure I recognise my uncle in the pictures you kindly shared. However, I'm not discounting the Guildford lead. Regards Trevor

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