I'm researching my mother's side of the family name - Hofman. I've traced the Hofman name from Melbourne Austalia to Amsterdam Netherlands and to a Willem Thomas Hofman who was married to a Grietje Jacobsdr Hartog in Amsterdam 1842.

These are the resources gathered on Willem and his direct family members.

Willem Thomas Hofman's parent appear to have lived in England and most likey London. This is where Willem was born according to the following marriage transcript from his first marriage:

Citation: https://www.openarch.nl/nha:917f1245...9-88850ec062f8

Willem Thomas Hofman
Profession timmermansknecht
Birth place Londen
Age 33

Bride Grietje Hartog
Birth place Spaarndam
Age 27

Father of the groom Jacobus Hofman
Mother of the groom Ann Sturt
Father of the bride Jacob Hartog
Mother of the bride Pieternelletje Vastenouw
Event Huwelijk

Event date 02-11-1842
Event place Amsterdam
Document type BS Huwelijk
Institution name Noord-Hollands Archief
Institution place Haarlem
Collection region Noord-Holland
Sourcenumber Reg.4 fol. 163
Registration date 02-11-1842
Certificate place Amsterdam

Willem Thomas Hofman's second marriage to Jantje van der Boom in March 19, 1879 confirms the parents and Willem's place of birth, London.

Citation: https://www.openarch.nl/nha:ce920bd5...3-1b91b8bce7fb

Since Willem Thomas Hofman was born in London , I'm trying to source any information on his parent's. The mother Ann Sturt appears to have the English descent. Appart from the parents names on marriage transcripts I can't find any more on the parents in the Netherlands.

So my assuption is that both parents or at least the mother Ann Sturt lived in England. Although I'm not sure where the best place to look in the UK records for a possble marriage, birth records or death records for the parents and of course Willem's birth record.

Thanks, Wayne Norton