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    trying to find Andrew Evans in Worcester in 1700s, married to Susannah. was a beadsman at Worcester cathedral. had a daughter who married jubillie weaver, any assistance please.

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    Have you looked for the baptisms of any of their children? The locations may help.

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    Jubilee Weaver -m- Sarah Evans 17 April 1832 St. Michael. Bedwardine, Worcester.

    Children: Sarah Ann, Charles Andrew, John ( Sarah Ann b. 1841 -m- Samuel Smith) Everything happened in Worcester.

    Andrew appears on the 1841 census age 60 with his wife Susanh, son James, also Sarah Weaver age 30, Jube age 30, Eliz Weaver age 8 and John and James Weaver aged 6 and 3.

    Is this the right one?

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    The name Jubilee interested me. Unless it was family name, perhaps Jubilee Weaver was named for a public event. The website says
    George III: The celebration of the Sovereign's jubilee years really began in the long reign of King George III. The beginning of the fiftieth year of his reign, on 25 October 1809, was marked both in Britain and the Colonies. The King and other members of the Royal Family attended a private service in Windsor and a grand fete and firework display at Frogmore. In London the Lord Mayor and Corporation processed to St Paul's Cathedral for a service of thanksgiving before holding a dinner at the Mansion House.

    So if Jubilee Weaver was born/baptised in late 1809 or early 1810, he would have been in his early twenties at the 1832 marriage. That looks plausible. This is only speculation, but might be a clue in the absence of anything else.

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    From Free Reg. - Baptism Sarah Evans 3 Feb 1811. Parents Andrew and Susannah. St Alban, Worcester.


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