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    Hi Palma, having read about the workhouse or Union as it was called, it was also a hospital like many other work or poor houses, it also states that many people were given help or relief as they called it, in there own homes,remember there was no such thing as DHSS or dole money if the husband was out of work.


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    I'm no expert on Wales either, only the tiny bit my family came from, but if my Googling is right then a Llanelly birth would be registered in Crickhowell, and there is no John Evans mmn Howell/s for the relevant period, only a Thomas, Ann & Mary.

    Unfortunately death certificates often carry incorrect information as, by definition, the information is second-hand. I think the Crickhowell registers are now held at Blaenau Gwent, although someone may correct me on this. It may therefore be worth asking them to do a search for an 1843/4 birth of a John Evans in Llanelly with the father David, a coal miner. If they find one then purchasing the certificate should reveal the correct maiden surname.

    I did this when trying to a Davis/Davies in Glamorgan, and the search was successful (I didn't provide a mother's maiden name, or even her forename.

    Beyond that, I'm out of ideas.

    One thing to perhaps look out for though - I also have Howell/s in my tree, but from Pembroke Dock, and some births were registered with the mmn Hall instead of Howell.

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    The plot thickens and I've got a headache.

    As Jomot1 says, Llanelly (Brec[k]onshire) is is Crickhowell registration district.
    But then you've also got Llanelly Carmarthenhire in Llanelly registration district. Though Genuki has that Llanelly place name spelt Llanelli. (eeny meny miny mo, sit the baby ........)

    Two other things to consider.
    One is that not all births in the 1840s were registered.
    Back in those days men often married widows/single women with young children, and then the children often grew up with the surname of their 'adopted' father.
    So, (a) was John born John Howell to a single mother, and became John Evans when Ann married David?
    Or (b) was Ann Ann Howell when she married a.n.other. Then gave birth to John, whose father died. Ann with a.n.other surname then married David.

    I'm going for a long lie-down in very dark room.

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