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    Default Can this be right or coincidence?

    Naming no names - a story. The mother of a friend has recently revealed she had an illegitimate daughter in the 1960s. The mother registered the birth with no father's name or occupation. The child went to a children's home and when she was five years old she was put up for adoption.

    The mother has now ordered the birth certificate for her daughter and wants to try and trace her. The mother has made contact with the children's home who arranged the adoption and is waiting to hear from them.

    In the meantime, the mother has ordered the birth certificate. The daughter was registered with a name: A... J.... and surname of the mother. On the far right hand of the certificate there is a remark outside of the 'usual' boxes which reads "Adopted. A. J. Pinder. Deputy Superintendent Registrar". There is an additional comment above the word "Adopted" but it is cut off and not clear.

    The mother believes that her daughter was adopted by the Pinder family and that is her new/adopted name. I don't think this can be the case and that A. J. Pinder is the name of the Deputy Superintendent Registrar and just a coincidence that the initials of him/her and the child are the same. Would the Deputy Superintendent Registrar really have been so careless as to note down the new/adopted name of the child for all to see?

    Any thoughts?

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    I would suggest it is a coincidence that the initials are the same as the Deputy Registrar's.
    The Deputy Registrar has to sign the amendment and would not make an error signing his name.
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