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    Default Ships Muster Rolls.

    Hi one and all.

    Quick question if I may. When the Marines are entered into the ships musters under the following headings :

    "No Entrey - year - when and whence etc etc" ....

    what do the numbers under "AGE and Time of entry in this ship", represent, clearly is not thier age.

    Currently looking at Victory's muster 1805

    any thoughts gladly received

    thanks xxx

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    The column is headed "Age at Time of Entry in this Ship" not "Age and Time etc..."
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    hi helechau and one and all

    indeed Age at time of entry, but the question is what so the corresponding entries for marines represent.

    for other navy personell, the entries are valid, but for marines and I believe landsman, this column seems to be utilised to logged some other information. ?

    any thoughts


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    I don't have access to the original musters. I viewed a sample page available via NA to determine column heading. The sample page included only age in that column - no marines included.

    I note from a transcription of the original records, listing 820 men awarded prize money, that virtually every marine listed has age recorded - else a ? mark. Do you have an example of an alternative entry in this column for a marine? The columns either side of "Age at Entry ..." are "Place and County where born" and "No and Letter of Tickets". Without sight of what you are seeing I am struggling.

    Re. Samuel, I noted from the transcription of the originals that Samuel Green's entry was flagged with an "*" - denoting died in battle or of wounds sustained.
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    hi there helachau and one and all,

    noted.....i have downloaded the muster in its enirity, worth the effort. near the end, after the list is compiled, logicsl order of course the marines are at the end....clearly the entries are utilising an exsisting form to a degree. they muster on....assigned a one time number there division is noted, then a given number indiviual to the person. this is in the age column...and bears no refererence to their actual age.

    there are i believe another section for marines, this covers pay and the like. there is no apparent transfomation from this part to the muster no given on entry to the ship.....there is also a section for landsman, where the column entries are the same as marines, except the age and time...which is left blank...

    re: samuel green...indeed, their is amibiguity over mr green, and the possiblity the mr geen on hms naiad is iisted correctly on some sites....the meaning of the numbers entered interests me somewhat. they appear to represent a personally assigned meaning....i.e. individual to the person.

    thanks for your thoughts....always welcome

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    Had a further check and found Samuel's original entry. The column preceding "Age at Entry ...", headed "Place and County of Birth" is now stamped "Division" in bold/italics and entries appear to be either Chatham or Plymouth - use of dittoes..

    The "Age at Entry ...." also appears to have a new heading stamped within it - but so difficult to make out. I think the last bit" is "Co" - that is capital "C" and the "o" is minor case. My typing skills don't allow me to create how it actually appears. It looks like "C*" - the * being the "o" - at the top of the C.. This could be an abbreviation for "Company"?

    Hope this makes sense.

    See what you mean about the values in the "Age at entry ..." column - numerical values but certainly not age!!!
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    hi there helachau and one and all.

    makes perfect sense,...marines mustered from the division barrack at chatham, plymouth and portsmouth.

    i thought that the "age" appeared tp be deliberatley obscured by an elaborate ending to division, thus reading

    "division at time of entry" not sure why thus would be so, considering they knew they were from plymouth.
    that all the navy would have cared.....i check one or two other pages, and the obscuring seemed to follow no patten suggesting it was procedure.... i am think when they enter the navy's care, first time on the boat...sequentail number....some partinculars...and then ...perhaps kit...or ordinance....then it finishes with a.b.c....which is clothing allocation and the like.....

    tricky, and thanks again

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    Division" does not appear in "Age at Entry ..." column - it's in the "County/Place of Birth column" - whole new meaning to that column.

    For the clearest view of "Co" - check page beginning "George Wizzens".
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    hi there helacheu and one and all,

    see what you mean by Co, however that seems not to ring true as a consistant elsewhere, and need to note a company, when plymouth has already been noted, also if it denoted company in any way, there would, i assume be more duplicate numbers within the marine roll....hmmm...

    thanks the more brains to supplement mine is always a good thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by sqWarkbox View Post
    hi there helacheu and one and all,

    see what you mean by Co, however that seems not to ring true as a consistant elsewhere
    Sorry, don't understand what you mean by this? If you check the pages particular to marines you will see that 2 columns have been "hijacked" to deliver other than the pre-printed heading.

    The column now headed "Division" delivers "Chatham, Plymouth or Portsmouth".
    The Column now headed "Co" delivers a numeric value - signifying????

    These apply only to Marines and are consistent. Shouldn't apply to other categories aboard the Victory eg. "Commissioned Officers", "Non Commissioned and Warrant Officers", "Misdhipmen", "Petty Officers", "Supply, Supernumaries and Retinue", "Able Seamen", "Ordinary Seamen", "Landsmen" or "Boys".
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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