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    Default breakfast with nelson

    Hello one and all,

    Something to ponder-

    I was commenting on a certain face app social medai site : (other social medai sites are also available), basically on a picture of Victory. The site responds with a whimsical comment suggesting that
    "there may have been a 95th rifleman having breakfast with Nelson the day before the battle. Then ...wink wink....but that's only fiction"

    Certainly no evidence on any muster rolls or the like to collobarate this.

    Just wondering if this is a known kinda thing ....or the stuffof legend or fiction

    If yu have heard of this before....from where was that source perhaps ?


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    My first thought was that it might be a reference to the fictional Sharpe, who was supposed to be in the 95th Rifles. Was he (fictionally) at Trafalgar?

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    The things you learn on these forums, thanks Barbara.

    Wikipedia says " Sharpe's Trafalgar is the fourth historical novel in the Richard Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell, first published in 2000. It is the first of the novels in the wars against Napoleon, putting the army ensign at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805."

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    Just as Christina says. Fandom puts it as "It is 1805, and Richard Sharpe, having been newly promoted, is headed back to England, where he will join a newly formed regiment, the 95th Rifles."
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    ha ha the thinking sharpe.....apologies......but just what can place a rifleman on the scene

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    I have moved this thread to General Chatter - with the appearance of fictional people, it seems more appropriate!

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    Seems you are hell bent on getting Samuel on the Victory on 21 Oct 1805. Nothing I've seen puts the 95th Rifles (the 95th Foot do confuse when searching!!) in that area at that time.

    Checking out the casualties of the battle it only mentions (Officers apart) seamen and marines. No mention of the Rifles whether on Victory or any other vessel.
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    Hi there one and all, .

    .seems my thread has turned to fiction in a general chatter room. Hey ho,

    helachau....good spot there, however not hell bent or even samuel green, who is indeed not fictional at all.
    However my interest lies on a different path and is a personal jouney. I am sure you are aware that the 95th is a very well ploughed regiment, they form only a part of my research and because of the "sharpe" influence it is difficult to hone into information out there which is very mostly misleading.

    My samuel green is from the 95th foot and the experimantal corps of riflemen, 1st paraded at horsham barracks 1st april 1800, these chaps where taken from other regiments and started the whole riflemen thing.

    My personal connection is i am fishing for clues out here in research land...

    As for trafalgar two samuel greens there ....victory, chap bilston staffs, think he is buried in willenhall staffs. Naiad fella under dundas....on the sideines as it were ....maybe fishing...perhaps they time on thier hands after the nelson dinner ....dundas atended guessing with a few other chaps, ....i also have a personal connection here, so in joining the dots one can deduce that there is more to my threads than fiction...unfortunately until the movement of archives to ely is complete on the 10th dec, hey ho...

    Thanks for any further info on this story, which may well be sharpe and cornwell, however any experienced researcher would not discount any family story, rumour, whisper, or indeed sources of fiction.

    There is a lot of confusion over the delevopment of the 95th. My personal intrest there is quite specific to the original 800. My personal intrest kinda range from 1800 - 1878, quite specific incidents link all of my research which I can assure you is not fictional, because it happens to be my family.

    Hmm now thats intresting.

    Love the 95th for trafalgar, well think copenhagen. Xxx


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