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    Default Adoption and tracing the baby

    A local friend has just been to the funeral of his grandmother who was 94. In the emotional aftermath his mother told him that he had an older sister. He and his two brothers knew nothing.

    In 1965 mother was engaged to be married and wedding plans were well underway. She fell pregnant and the father wanted nothing to do with the situation and left. Mother had the child (Amanda) but her parents were adamant she could not keep it. One day she was told to put the baby in her cot and leave the house. When she returned the baby had gone.

    Apparently, Amanda was taken into care - a local Children's Society home where she lived. Grandfather paid 16 a month for the upkeep of Amanda for some years and then could no longer afford to do so. Amanda was put up for adoption and mother was told Amanda had gone to a farming family in Dorset. Amanda would have been about five years old.

    I have found the birth in the index with the mother's surname as baby surname and mother's maiden name. The original reference is crossed through and a new one written. 'Googling' tells me this indicates that Amanda was adopted.

    Mother now wants to trace Amanda.

    So, if we order the birth certificate under the original reference we will, presumably, receive the original birth certificate? I presume we won't be able to get the birth certificate under the new/amended reference because that will show Amanda's new name?

    I know that we won't be able to access the adoption file without specialist intervention. Any idea how we go about this, what we should do next?

    This is way outside of my experience so I'm looking for any useful advice, experience or information please!

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    I know from watching programmes like Long Lost Family that you almost certainly have to use specialist tracing agencies, because after all the adopted child may not know that they are adopted or may not want to be contacted.

    There are a couple of links below which might be of interest:

    The second one is for the Salvation Army who have a family tracing service.

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    Megan is right, the best place for this query is the Salvation Army Family Tracing Service. They get good results and will also help with any first contact.

    According to our TOC, we c an not allow details of (potentially) living people on the open forum. Since Amanda’s name was presumably changed at the time of her adoption, I will not delete it, but I am closing this thread.


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