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    Default John JOHNSTON b.1801 Eaglesfield

    Looking to trace John JOHNSTON b.1801 Eaglesfield back further. He married Sarah CARMICHAEL on 10 May 1818 in Penrith, Cumberland. I have the family on the 1841-1871 census. John is not on the 1861 or 1871 census so possibly died between 1851-1861. I canít locate a
    Death record for either of them. Hoping to trace the JOHNSTON line back further but not sure where to go from here.

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    Both the 1841 and 1851 have the family living in Dearham. Using FreeBMD and entering 1800 in the Death age/DOB box and date range 1851 - 1861 there is this death
    Deaths Sept 1/4 1859
    JOHNSON John registration district Cockermouth 10b/302. Dearham is in the Cockermouth registration district.
    On the GRO index his age is given as 61 which is a good match for your John as his age on the 1851 census is 60 so born c1799. A couple of years out is not unusual in death records and censuses.
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    The Cumberland Paquet, and Ware's Whitehaven Advertiser, 12 July 1859, carries a report of a fatal accident at the Gill Pit, Dearham to "John Johnston, engineman"
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    Thankyou both. How awful.

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    With John and Sarah on the '41 Census is a Mary Johnson, age 77, Ind, born in County. The '41 Census does not identify family relationship but Mary is of an age to qualify as John's mother.

    FindMypast has the marriage (transcription only) of
    George Johnston and Mary Young, Dearham, 10 Nov 1785

    I can see 4 probable births in Dearham for this couple but not a John (George 1787, Anne 1788, Thomas 1795, Thomas 1800). Back to square one!!

    Did wonder if John was a Quaker?
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    Thanks again. If John was a Quaker does this mean he wouldn’t appear on church records?

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    Also the census records have listed John a being born in Eaglesfield.

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    Sorry about not responding earlier.

    Eaglesfield falls within the Parish of Brigham - Parish Church St. Bridget's. FindMyPast has the baptism (transcription only) of -

    John Johnston, bap 24 April, place of baptism Brigham, parents John and Mary Johnston
    (siblings Robert 19 Jun 1795; Ann 29 Aug 1796; Isaac 22 Feb 1800; Joseph 10 Feb 1805)

    Transcriptions do not tend to include "place of birth" - sight of the original is, therefore, required. However, before 1812/13 capturing "place of birth" was the exception , there was no standard format. The standard register requiring "Abode" was introduced 1812/13. So, sight of the original of John's record may not deliver the goods. But one of the siblings might!! This is one of the dilemnas of pre 1812/13 baptisms.
    Baptismal records tend to be indexed under "place of baptism" and have to be searched for as such. Searching under "Eeaglesfield" on FindMyPast only returns results for Eaglesfield in Scotland - nil return for Eaglesfield, Cumberland.
    Are you familiar with Familysearch. That has details of the 5 listed above - again transcription only but with directions where sight of the original can be found. Images are not available on line - it requires visiting the appropriate centre/library.
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    Thankyou so much, I appreciate your help. I’ll try some more searching on Find My Past.


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