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    Hi All

    I am trying to trace my family history in the forces, I have lots of details already but I

    Really confused with the site I have put my parents details in and nothing comes up, so what am i paying for the site for if i have to go to kew or some other place to find what i thought i could find on here


    am i doing it all wrong if so can someone point me in the right direction if i am not going to find anything by searching why am i here



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    If it's WW2, it's a no go. WW2 records must be applied for,, with a copy if death cert of the deceased, and fee.
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    When you first joined the forum in September you posted a message also entitled 'Hi all', to which I replied, giving details about service records for personnel who served after 1922 still being held by the Ministry of Defence, with link to a forum post which gives more background and also links to sending for those records.
    I also told you where to find existing service records for personnel who left the forces before 1922.

    I also explained that the records on FWR usually relate to a specific part of a person's service, e.g. if they were a prisoner of war.

    To see your original post and my replies, click on your username, and from the dropdown menu select 'view forum posts'.

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