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    Default John Jeffrey, Scottish botanist (b 1826)

    John Jeffrey was the botanist that traveled to North America in 1850 to collect plant specimens of the exotic plants of the emerging continent. He was sent by the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. He eventually discovered the tree now known as the "Jeffrey Pine."
    I am interested in tracing his roots. shows his birth as 14 November 1826, and his baptism in Clunie, Perthshire. His parents were John Jeffrey and Helen Ambrose. He had at least 3 siblings (James, b, 6 January 1829, Janet, b. 16 August 1831, and Elsabeth, b. 6 May 1835, all in Clunie, Perthshire).
    I am wondering if anyone has any more information about John's ancestors, or if there has been a family tree submitted anywhere? Thanks SO much!

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    Have you Googled Jeffrey's Pine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by warncoort View Post
    Have you Googled Jeffrey's Pine?
    Yes, I have. I've been unable, though, to uncover any additional ancestry information.

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    I see that you have already found Scotlandís People, and thatís the main source of information. If you have subscriptions to Ancestry or Find My Past, you can search the earlier censuses and what you need here is the 1841 which should show hike with the family, and may show other siblings. If his parents lived to 1855, their death carts should show their parents. Thereís a collection of posts about sources for Scottish Family History at the start of the General Scottish forum HERE.

    His entry on Wikipedia has 3 references to articles about him.

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    Thanks, Leslie. In the 1841 census, he is 15 years old, and living in Clunie. His occupation is Ag Lab. But the other household members are Donald Stewart, age 20, and James Miller, age 10. There is no trace of his parents and siblings.

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    That sounds like a farm bothy. It might be worth checking the close parishes - the family were possible living somewhere close. Just feed the search engine with the county rather than the parish...

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    When John Jeffrey was selected to visit the U.S in 1850, the Stirling Observer, 21 Mar 1850, under the headline "BOTANICAL EXCURSION TO OREGON &c" carried a glowing tribute to him. It began -

    " .... The name of the party selected for the duty is Jeffry - born at Forneth, in the Parish of Cluny, in this County, of humble parents and having no advantages beyond those afforded by our parish schools ...".
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"


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