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    Default Luthers or Luters of Dorset

    My Luther family patrilineal line is thought to be from Dorset, likely having lived in Bridport, Dorset in the early 1600s. At that time their last name was Luter, subsequently the name Luther was adopted. Around 1638 Captain John Luter/Luther emigrated to Massachusetts; he was killed by Indians in Delaware Bay in 1645. There is an association of his descendants known as the Luther Family Association, of which I am a member. Although the Luther family lines have been traced in some detail back to the early 1600s, we have no information beyond that point, when the document trail ends.

    Are there any Luters or Luthers out there in England whose ancestors are known to be from Dorset, better yet Bridport? I would like to hear from you. Also, we have done DNA testing through Family Tree DNA and would be interested in comparing DNA test results with Luters or Luthers in Britain, to determine if there is a family connection between our group and British residents.

    Larry Luther
    lcl AT shaw DOT ca.
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