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Thread: 95th rifles

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    Default samuel green 1779

    Thanks one and all thus far, invaluable information.

    here is a rough timeline that i am hoping to proove or disproove, either way.

    1779 Samuel Green born Bliston, Staffordshire to Richard (1750) & Mary (1750)

    1793 Samuel Green Aged 15/16 enlistment to ?

    1794 HMS Excellent - Captain Cuthbert Collingwood
    14th June Service number – 591



    1797 HMS Excellent - Captain Cuthbert Collingwood
    14th June Service number – 591
    Battle of Copenhagen under Sir John Jervis




    Recruitment into Coote-Manningham’s 95th Rifle Corps by selection or recomendation

    Baker Rifles, patent 1 1800 sword bayonet, green jackets,,,,sharpe but sea based sharpe.

    1800 1st April Coote-Manningham’s, 95th Rifles, 9th Battalion are first paraded @ Horsham Barracks, issued with Baker Rifle Mk1 and Patent 1/1800 bayonets,
    Distinctive by the “D” shaped knuckle guard and hooked quillion.

    1800 – 1802 Further Commission for extra Baker Rifle Mk2 & Patent 1 / 1801 issued which incorporated design changes to the Sword locking mechanism and Sword Bayonet, cutting edges & the false edge and I believe a straight quillion.

    1803 Sir John Moore incorporates other regiments into the 95 Rifles to form the Rifle Brigade. Consignments of the Baker Rifle increase into the thousands and Wooley and Deakin add Dutton to their name. Further design changes incorporating the D-shape knuckle guard and straight quillion are present on the Patent 2 Sword Bayonets. Shorncliffe Redoubt in use and Riflemen are trained the “Shorncliffe way”

    1803 @ Copenhagen Nelson in Charge of Sharpshooters, Samuel Green (born abt.1779) 95th Rifles served at Copenhagen.

    there is another samuel green on HMS Naiad under dundas, if he is a rifleman then it would stand to reason that when dundas met nelson belfore the battle, perhaps he moved aboud then and was entered into the ships books ? HMS Naid takes no further part in the battle.

    1805 HMS Victory ships muster - Samuel Green 95 rifles. or not hmm

    there is a smuel green died buried in willenhall, about two miles from bliston. he was buried in late 1805 not sure if victory was back by then after putting in at gibraltar after the battle. another one to check.

    thanks again
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    Default Samuel Green

    Quote Originally Posted by sqWarkbox View Post
    hello peter & helechau,
    Wow thanks chaps, I was begining to doubt my own self. The problem I have is that trying to connect Coote Manningham 800 to trafalgar. When Peter questioned the 95th on Victory I went to check my notes and sods law cannot curently locate where I saw this. To cut a loong story short, I have personal connections to both Victory and to one of the 800 and I am trying to connect the dots. It is a bit of a long shot but i have a feeling that Samuel Green was one of these chaps. Forces war records, ( and for the sake of fairness, other sites are availble) shows a Samuel green in the 95th rifles. they were called this after around 1802 I think. prior to this the Experimantal rifle corps. I have over the last 20 imns, seen a didgital image of the muster based at the museum but this does not indicate that samuel was killed, however I have seen other lists of killed and wounded that suggest both samuel green and drummer James green were both killed. So much ambiguity.
    I will keep looking for the evidence that I have tucked away somewhere

    Hello Chaps

    In our family tomb in Sudbury Suffolk, we have a Samuel Green listed as having died at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1807. The stonework is badly corroded and we cannot read any further info. But perhaps this is of help??

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    Hi there ris1972

    Thats a cool thing to have there, fraid my chap expires sometime before 1805. Do you know anything else about youe Samuel, was he Army, Navy or Marine kinda thing...?

    thanks for the interest
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    hello one and all

    Posting an update to this thread,

    I think that I have finally solved my riddle,

    The problem I had was trying to connect john yule to the Experimental Corps of Riflemen and connect, wha I thought was my man Samuel Green. In light of new evidence I have located I now think my chap was not Samuel Green, but John Clarke born 1777 in Branscombe Devon, where John Yule and William Carslake lived. I was about to check in John Clarke service records in archives before lockdown but think he originally drafted to the 1st Foot and the to the Experimental Corps in 1800, henceforth serving at Ferrol and Copenhagen. As stated in Dr Colin Whites, "Nelson New Letters", John Yule also served with Nelson at Copenhagen as well as Trafalgar.

    This now joins my dots, Just need life to get back to normal to check everthing.

    unless anyone can suggest otherwise.

    many thanks for the

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