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    Default samuel green 1779

    Thanks one and all thus far, invaluable information.

    here is a rough timeline that i am hoping to proove or disproove, either way.

    1779 Samuel Green born Bliston, Staffordshire to Richard (1750) & Mary (1750)

    1793 Samuel Green Aged 15/16 enlistment to ?

    1794 HMS Excellent - Captain Cuthbert Collingwood
    14th June Service number – 591



    1797 HMS Excellent - Captain Cuthbert Collingwood
    14th June Service number – 591
    Battle of Copenhagen under Sir John Jervis




    Recruitment into Coote-Manningham’s 95th Rifle Corps by selection or recomendation

    Baker Rifles, patent 1 1800 sword bayonet, green jackets,,,,sharpe but sea based sharpe.

    1800 1st April Coote-Manningham’s, 95th Rifles, 9th Battalion are first paraded @ Horsham Barracks, issued with Baker Rifle Mk1 and Patent 1/1800 bayonets,
    Distinctive by the “D” shaped knuckle guard and hooked quillion.

    1800 – 1802 Further Commission for extra Baker Rifle Mk2 & Patent 1 / 1801 issued which incorporated design changes to the Sword locking mechanism and Sword Bayonet, cutting edges & the false edge and I believe a straight quillion.

    1803 Sir John Moore incorporates other regiments into the 95 Rifles to form the Rifle Brigade. Consignments of the Baker Rifle increase into the thousands and Wooley and Deakin add Dutton to their name. Further design changes incorporating the D-shape knuckle guard and straight quillion are present on the Patent 2 Sword Bayonets. Shorncliffe Redoubt in use and Riflemen are trained the “Shorncliffe way”

    1803 @ Copenhagen Nelson in Charge of Sharpshooters, Samuel Green (born abt.1779) 95th Rifles served at Copenhagen.

    there is another samuel green on HMS Naiad under dundas, if he is a rifleman then it would stand to reason that when dundas met nelson belfore the battle, perhaps he moved aboud then and was entered into the ships books ? HMS Naid takes no further part in the battle.

    1805 HMS Victory ships muster - Samuel Green 95 rifles. or not hmm

    there is a smuel green died buried in willenhall, about two miles from bliston. he was buried in late 1805 not sure if victory was back by then after putting in at gibraltar after the battle. another one to check.

    thanks again
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