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    Default Hi trying to research my grandfather

    Hi my name is simon, I have been trying to research my grandfather James O'hara known as Jimmy, I have information that he was in Loughbourgh 24 June 1940, his Military serial Number is 2937670 & I think he embarked for overseas service in 1943, he was in the Cameron highlanders it could be the 7th battalion but in one photo he has a eagle emblem on his shoulder, when I tried to research this I came up it could be the 5th Scottish Parachute Battalion but not sure.

    He was born in Glasgow in 1920 & he never really spoke of the war but I do know he was in Greece, Italy & Monte casino.

    Any help would be greatly apprieciated as when I put in his army number I get nothing.

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    WW2 records are all held by the MOD and are not on line. You can get the records by applying to the MOD. You'll need his death certificate and it costs about 30 I think. I'm sure there is someone out there who will be able to give you all the details as to how to apply for his records.


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    Thanks for the information, many thanks

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    Welcome to the British Genealogy Forum, badwolf.
    As Emeltee says, you need to get a oopy of his records from the MOD. There's a post about how to do it HERE.

    Don't forget that while you wait for his records to arrive (it took 3 months when I got my Dad's), you can be researching his family and we can help with that. The main limit is that we can't allow details about living people to be posted on the forum. If you decide that you want to do that, pick a suitable forum and tell us what you know - his birth date & place, parents'names, etc.

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    Hi thanks, yeah I'm new to this, have found the military forum on this site posted it on there, thanks for replying

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