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    Regarding Esthers marriage certifcate
    married St Helen's Middlewich, Cheshire

    Husband William Boatman b 1862 - Father Joseph Johnson, Boatman
    Both residing in Cledford Middlewich Cheshire
    Her Esther Ann BaNford -father Henry BaNford, Boatman

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    forgot the witnesses
    Thomas Carr
    Elizabeth Johnson (Williams sister i think)
    Nelly Cork

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    Quote Originally Posted by mme marple View Post
    yes that is very interesting indeed. Are you able to find them on the 1861 census?

    Thank you
    This is the same family but Elizabeth isn't with them.
    Spellings as indexed on Ancestry.
    1861, Tipton. RG 9; Piece: 2044; Folio: 47; Page: 40
    Sydney Barford 38; Esther Barford 38; Jane Banford 17; Eunice Banford 13; Mary Ann Banford 8;
    Hannah Banford 5; Thos Banford 3; Samuel Banford 1

    On the same census sheet in 1861, could be Sydney's brother.
    William Banford 32, puddler, Tipton; Caroline Banford 34, Wednesbury; Isaiah Banford 1/12, Tipton

    This could be Elizabeth in 1861 with her uncle.
    Tipton. RG 9; Piece: 2040; Folio: 7; Page: 12;
    Joseph Bamford 39, butcher, Wednesbury
    Hannah Banford 45, Wednesbury
    Elizabeth Bamford 10, dau. Tipton
    Unice Bamford 30, sister, Wednesbury
    Thomas Bamford 8, son, Tipton
    William Bamford 6, son, Tipton
    Elizabeth Bamford 18, niece, serv. West Bromwich

    1871, Tipton, RG10; Piece: 3002; Folio: 10; Page: 14;
    Sidney Bamford 48, puddler, Tipton
    Mary Ann Bamford 48, wife, Brierley Hill
    Hannah Bamford 16, dau, Tipton
    Thomas Bamford 13, son, Tipton
    Asenah ??? Bamford 6/12, dau, Tipton
    Thomas Kelly 16, stepson, Darlaston
    James Kelly 13, stepson, West Bromwich
    Enoch Kelly 5, stepson, West Bromwich

    Deaths Sep 1864
    Bamford Esther Dudley 6c 37

    Marriages Jun 1869
    Bamford Thomas Sydney Dudley 6c 4; Kelly Mary Ann Dudley 6c 4

    I lose Elizabeth after 1861, I searched for Staff's marriages between 1864 - 1881 however nothing jumped at me, same with deaths.

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    That's amazing , Thanks so much !!!
    I've got plenty to think about untangling the families over the decades, its such a relief to see them popping up every 10 years. I had seen various Bamfords but never a away to connect them.
    I'm sure that is my Elizabeth as a servant.
    Esther's mystery of where and who she was with till she married remains but a big, big thank you.

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    Esther's mystery of where and who she was with till she married remains but a big, big thank you.
    I share your frustration. I've searched all Esther's born 1864 +/- 2yrs in Staffordshire without using a surname and haven't found her. I'm wondering if she used one of her other names (Ann or Elizabeth). I also searched using Ester and Easter.

    How certain are you that she was cared for and lived with a family named Williams?

    If there's anything else we can help with don't hesitate to ask.

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