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    Default LAWRENCE, William Danzey c1889-1917 - WW1

    This man served as MARR (which was his married name), so is filed as such in the WW1 Service Records (WO 363):

    William Danzey LAWRENCE (birth registered Q1 1890) enlisted November 1914 with the RGA as William Danzey MARR, declared age 25y 11m, born Tooting.
    Regimental No: 53998.
    Died of wounds July 1917.

    Home address: Manchester.
    Married (Q2 1914) as William D L MARR.
    Wife: Elizabeth STEWART.
    Children: Elizabeth Mary 1915 & William Lawrence 1917. (both surname MARR)
    Brother: Joe LAWRENCE (Q4 1897)
    Sisters: Mrs DEER (c1881), Mrs GOSS (c1885) & Mrs THEODORE (c1889) - names & ages supplied by the widow, so may not be accurate.

    Anc****y, MAR, pages 83729-83750

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    CWGC has him listed as Marr. Age given as 27. He's in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.
    William Denzy Marr, 53998, 5 Siege Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery.
    Oddly, they say that his parents were also called Marr - William Henry and Mary Julia Marr of London.
    Wife Elizabeth Marr of 38 Princess St, Miles Platting, Manchester.

    In 1891 is William D Lawrence aged 1, son of William Hy & Mary Julia Lawrence of Tooting. In the 1901, Willilam jr is listed as W Lawrence.

    Soldiers Who Died lists him as 53998 Gnr William Danzy Marr, d. 27 Jul 1917. Links him to a marriage on 9 May 1914 in Manchester to Elizabeth Stewart but gives his and his father's name as William Danzy Lawrence Marr.

    Mrs Goss was Minnie who married Henry Bratton Goss.
    Can't find Larence/Deer or Theodore marriages before 1917.

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    This was my grandfather, have you any other information?

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums Danzy09
    What sort of information are you looking? Family and ancestors or more about his service record? We can help with both.
    There are quite a few public trees on for your grandfather so it may be worthwhile asking your public library if they have the free version of this online pay per view site. They also do a 14 day free trial offer but if you take them up on this please remember to tick the cancel subscription box a few days before the trial period is up.
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    Fullscot is not a potential relative, neither am I. She is working her way through sets of service records, posting when a record turns up in the wrong place - that’s why some of us help.
    There’s quite a lot of info in posts 1 and 2 which should help you find more.


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