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    Thanks for the item.

    If you google "nathaniel denham sailing master" it should return (amongst other things) a searchable googlebook "The Mechanic, or Compendium of practical Inventions" - James Smith, 1825, vol 1.

    There's an item on page 297.
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    Welsh Newspapers online

    See bottom of end column.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helachau View Post
    A Register of Ships employed in the Service of the East India Company 1707-1800
    Published London 1800

    Ship's Name - London, 836 tons, 7 voyage
    Bombay and Bengal
    (Robert Wigram Esq)
    1. John Clarke 2. Robert Youl 3. Nathaniel Hoskins 4. Nathaniel Denham
    Sur. Thomas Donne Pur. William Neve
    Sailed Ports. 24 Mar 1798
    Moorings 31 July 1799

    The Calcutta Gazette, Thursday 13 Sep 1798 reported "Thursday last ... the London, Captain Lukin, arrived in the river from Europe, Bombay ..."
    He is mentioned twice more (Register of Ships 1760-1819)

    Ship: Tottenham 517 Tons, 1 voyage
    (Robert Wigram Esq)
    Capt: Thomas Jones
    1. Richard Rogers 2. Hon Henry Ramsay 3. Nathaniel Denham 4 William Hollamby
    Sur: John Meradith Pur: John Mossman
    Sailed Downs, 7 Jul 1803
    Moorings, 15 Dec 1803

    Ship: Devaynes 600 Tons, 2 voyages
    Madeira, Bombay & Madras
    (Samnel Favell Esq)
    Capt: William Adderley
    1 Wm James Davis 2 Nath Denham 3 Henry Furlonger 4 Charles Hayter
    Sur: William Mortimer
    Pur: William Mallett
    Sailed Ports. 4 Sept 1804
    Moorings 20 Jun 1806

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    Have you tried tracking Nathaniel via LLoyd's List?

    Unfortunately, only the Captain/Master's Surname is given - and there is more than one Denham about at this time (c. 1798-1819). Also, track under ship's name eg Dreadnought?
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    Great finds - my edition of the Register ended 1800. Interesting to see Nat's moving up the ranks.
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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