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    Default J Prince South Africa medal

    Hi all, my name is Kevin and I live in the USA. I collect milliard police medals and such. I am trying to find information on a J. Prince who was awarded three awards I somehow got. They have his number as N19853 which I am told is South Africa. Was also told his records are not releasable and is held by MOD. Any help? thank you, Kevin

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    Hi Kevin
    I have given your query a separate post of its own in the 'Occupations Military - Royal Air Force' forum with the title 'J Prince South Africa medal.'

    Are you saying that J Prince was in the RAF and fought in WW11 for Britain and was awarded the South Africa medal?
    This site explains the different medals so to clarify for those trying to help is number 6 the one you have?
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    If MOD still have his records, they are younger than from 1922.


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