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    Default Court records from approx 1962/3 london

    Hi folks,

    I need some advice on how and where to look for court records or newspaper reports from the early 1960's. All I can post atm is that I know that the court appearance was in 1 of the London courts, not sure what one atm.

    If I say that the reason is quite delicate and involves 2 persons accused of taking questionable photos of children you will see that I don't want to add any more details if possible.

    Any help that anyone can give me, if possible contact me direct through my email address not as a direct reply on this post please.

    Time is short.
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    I don't think that there are a any online court records for cases after the mid 1930s. You could try the London Metropolitan Archives to see what they hold, or the National Archives.

    There are plenty of online sites which hold newspapers for the period you mentioned such as Find My Past, British Newspaper Archive, and most libraries offer access to online newspapersies.

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    Thanks Megan I wondered if that was the case. I have tried LMA but cant see anything, so will pay a visit to my local library and see if I can get anywhere with their online access.

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    I don't know if this research guide from The National Archives will be of any help.

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    Thanks Pam Printed and saved.

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    UKPressOnline has 20th century national newspapers. It's a pay site, but you can search free. Individual borough archives usually have local papers on microfilm, but you probably won't want to visit all of them! In any case, local papers tended to shy away from anything really scandalous if ours are anything to go by.

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    Thanks Chris I'll register and see if I can find any info, that's one resource that I wasn't aware of.
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