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    Default Disaster for Scottish records

    It's reported that staff working at the National Records of Scotland building in Edinburgh have been reporting leaks in the dome for ages. During the recent torrential rain, a lot of documents got soaked....

    See HERE.

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    You'd have thought they'd have moved them. Even some lower management numpty would have thought of that.
    I have no idea how they are stored, obviously not in anywhere waterproofed.

    A few sheets of polythene may have helped. Just hope they've been digitised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stepives View Post
    Just hope they've been digitised.
    From the above article:

    “All records held in New Register House have been digitised and where open to public access, can be accessed online via our ScotlandsPeople website.”


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    That’s the same article that talks about BMDs from 1800... In Scotland, they started in 1855.

    Thinking about the area under the dome, (last visit about 5-6 years ago) the old East & West search rooms were at the edges, with the public computers, and there was a lot of microfiche directly under the dome - divorces, register of corrected entries, that sort of thing. They’re probably right that most is digitised. We’re just lucky it wasn’t the NAS building next door - those records are possibly decades away from digitization.
    I hope that Lyon King at Arms is checking the rest of the buildings, too late but better than not.


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